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Mobile music continues to be an important driver of revenue for the music industry.  Technology continues to open new markets with true tones now accounting for the vast majority of downloaded ringtones.  The popularity of ringtones allied to the constantly changing music scene means ringtones represent an important revenue channel for artists.  Technology continues to evolve, so we can only wonder what the next development will be.  With services like itunes already having revolutionised how we buy music and new services like spotify providing music in return for radio style advertising.  As the margins get trimmed on all these products, whats unclear is if artist’s income will rise through volume, as these new services becoming entirely mainstream.

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Offline printing is an essential to every business, regardless of whether the business is internet based or not. Print advertising the corner stone to every business, marketing campaign and customer reaching media.

With the many techniques, tips, tricks and tutorials available, it can be hard to differentiate between crucial methods and simple marketing ploys. Use these tips for offline printing during your next marketing campaign to see the importance of the method yourself:

Invest In a Good Design
If you do not have an in-house graphic designer, freelance services can be obtained for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire a design firm. Print marketing has to be eye catching. It has to draw the reader in and should define your company, the services or products being offered and the benefit to the customer with ease.

If your company does not have a logo, one should be created. Again, this can come at costs lower than twenty dollars – but the value that will be added to all print correspondence will be priceless. The logo will assist in branding and should be present on all literature leaving the office – including envelopes, letterhead, business cards and business postcards.

Clear and Concise Wording
Use keywords that the customer is going to pick up on. Most customers scan print advertising for certain keywords, therefore it is important to determine these keywords early on in the marketing campaign.

Clear wording allows the customer to find what it is that they are looking for – without having to read through endless paragraphs of information.

Find out what you need to say, write up a mock-up and than condense this information to convey as much information as you can in as little words as possible. This will ensure that the attention of the customer is reached, and they obtain the information before losing attention.

Use Flyers in High Traffic Places
If you are on a limited budget, this is a method that is going to reach the maximum amount of people by exuding the least amount of money spent on the marketing campaign. Places such as grocery stores, parks and schools are great places to post a well-designed flyer that will draw in the customer.

Think about your target market. Which areas do the members of your target demographic frequent? What will catch their attention? Use these questions to determine where the flyers should be placed and what appearance the flyers should have. Flyers are a crucial part of offline marketing and using printing to gain customers.
Coupons and Deals
Every customer likes to receive a good deal. Think about what you have to offer the potential customer. Are you willing to offer 10% off of your product or service to a new customer? Studies have shown that customers are more apt to try a new product or service if they are going to save money.

Think about printing these coupons, which could be found a flyer that would provide more information about your product or service while drawing in customers with the chance to take advantage of a money saving offer.

Using well-designed flyers and money saving coupons ensure that the customer feels as if they are benefiting from the experience. It adheres to the basics of print marketing – it answers the question, directly, to what the customer will receive, or how they will benefit from ordering the product or service.   Once you know what you want printed, shop around different printing companies and make sure you are comparing like for like.  Will they charge you to look at your own artwork?  Is the quality of paper the same between different suppliers?  Is time of the essence, if not you can often get better deals by being flexibile.

Once you have begun to use these tips, your print marketing campaign should be on its way. Reach your target audience with solid print marketing techniques, tangible items that will create a memorable experience and watch your customer base expand.

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A new haircut means a new life, and a great haircut makes EVERYTHING better. Who wants to start a new life with an old look? Who wants to look retro while moving forward?

One of the benefits of a new haircut is that it promotes change. What do YOU want to change with YOUR new cut? What kind of new life are YOU starting?

Your regular stylist may only give you a variation of your current cut, so you may want to try a new, upscale hair salon for quality results. Or, look around for someone with a cut you like and ask them where they go. Look for a haircut that’s well done and currently fashionable; you don’t want a chop job or something five years over with. Visit a wig store to “try on” your new look. Preparation can ensure a hot new haircut and eliminate a dismal hair disaster.

Get a consultation, bring pictures, but listen to the stylist’s suggestions. He or she may have a better eye than you for what will work best. When you emerge from the salon transformed, embrace and be open to the changes in yourself and in your image.

You may find yourself feeling and acting differently to match your new appearance. Do you feel bolder, younger, more adventurous and cutting edge? One of the benefits of a new haircut is to give you these qualities simply because you now LOOK like someone who has them.

A new haircut can help you get over a relationship. You’ve ditched your ex (or he’s ditched you) and you want to meet new guys. Out and about in your long, sultry, layered cut you’ve become a siren overnight. Toss back that beautifully cut mane and enjoy all the freedom and attention.

If you’re starting a new job or career, get a haircut to match your ambitions and a head start in the workplace by looking like a winner from day one. A chic and stylish image will give you the confidence to succeed in your new profession.

Has your life become stale? One of the benefits of a new haircut, especially a versatile one, is that it’s an easy way to change your life without a lot of work, upheaval or investment. You get a new you, a new ‘do and all the fun of learning new ways to style it.

Relocation is a great time to reap the benefits of a new haircut. In a new place, you can completely reinvent yourself without disapproval from people in your soon-to-be past. Now is the time to let loose and go for it. Who have you always wanted to be? If you’ve longed for a new haircut but were afraid your friends would hate it, now is the time to act. In a different town, your new look is simply YOUR look. Acceptance saves you the trouble of second-guessing your decision. YES, you did the right thing. Without ANY doubt, the change is doing you good.

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The head of www.debtcollectinglondon.co.uk presents some great questions you should ask yourself before employing the services of a debt collector

Am I spending my time to the best advantage?
Debt collecting should be a dispassionate exercise. No one likes being put off or cheated, but you must put your effort where you can get results, not where you can get even. You only have some limited time available. Use it well. You should have  a list of debtors. Ranked in order of size is best. In ABC order is plain silly. Who cares whether the £1,000 is owed by Able Ltd or Zebra Co.? Spend the time you allocate on the larger amounts.

Have I tried telephoning to ask what the problem is?
Woman are much better at this than men. The rules are simple.  People can just ignore letters. Telephone. Get put through to the top man in his department. Make a note of who you speak to and what he says. If he says he will ring back, ask by when you can expect the call. When he does not, you phone him. You want a promise to pay by a certain date. Note the diary. Payment may well not arrive! Persist. Phone again. Ask what happened. You can pretend to believe it or not. Make him feel he’s let you down (That is why woman are better at collecting than men). Repeat the performance.

What about a visit?
It is of course against the law to embarrass or harass a debtor, but I have known creditors detail off staff to visit the customer. Let them take a copy of the account in case. Cornering the person who signs is not easy, nor everybody’s cup of tea, but the payer is sure to feel awkward and perhaps anxious to hide the psoition from his staff.

Have I tried to make paying easier for the customer?
No-one likes paying up. Make it a bit easier for him – and cheaper  for you than employing a debt collector. Small businesses might pay up quicker if  you can offer to accept payment by cc.   If your payer is in financial difficulties., you want to be paid BEFORE the others.  Suggest  payment on account, regular payments , or better why not a series of post-dated cheques (both signs of weakness), but you can be sure you are not his only creditor and absolutely anything is going to be better than driving him to the wall.

Lastly, couldn’t I be collecting the debt myself?
Debt collectors will throw up their hands in horror, but they all know that creditors could easily handle the simpler cases. A fresh face collecting is certainly effective, but these days there is no mystery in suing. It can even be done on line.  Try.

For more information about debt collection in london visit the companies site.

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The beauty and mystique of amber continues to make it popular.  A new site offering amber jewellery has managed to source some amazing modern designs.  The modern designs make amber a product popular with the a new generation.

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A wedding is meant to be among the happiest days of your life, yet modern wedding require so much preparation you can see why people breath a sigh of relief once it’s done.  The plethora of different suppliers and requirements and the absolute requirement for everything to be delivered – upto standard and on the day means a lot of planning is required before hand.  In planning your wedding, it’s worth sorting out a blueprint for everything that is required and going from there.  You need to choose many different services and choose amongst numerous suppliers for each.  A new website provides a huge database of various suppliers click here to check it out.

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Car hire in the USA has been turned into a commodity product over the years.  While the cars offered by different hire companies may be different depending on which manufacturers they purchase from, the classes of vehicles are a good indication of what you can expect.  The internet has provided consumers with far more transparency on pricing than has ever existed before.  Using online price comparison sites, online travel agents like expedia and companies like priceline which allow you to ‘name your price’ have provided consumers with a huge range on online resources to get great deals on car hire.  A very good tip for car hire is to explore how the pickup/drop off location affects the price.  For example, picking up a car at Las Vegas airport is considerably more expensive than getting one in other parts of the city so once you’ve done your research it may make sense to take a taxi from the airport to another car hire location.  A new website carhireusa.us provides information on car hire – so you can look in the area and call around a few places to see if what kinds of offline deals you can get – it’s always worth asking if they are offering any specials (check if you are eligible for special rates through your credit card company like AMEX), it’s always worth trying to speak to a manager and seeing if you can have a quick bargain – everyone likes to make a sale and everyone likes to get a bargain.

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What was seen 20 years ago as an extreme form of narcissism is now quite routine.  It’s increasingly seen as normal to get plastic surgery to improve how you feel about yourself.  There is no longer the requirement to suffer in silence about something you are unhappy with.  TV programmes on plastic surgery in areas like Beverley Hills have provided consumers with a lot of additional information about the types of surgery that is possible and given an insight into the practitioners – who can forget Dr Rey – who comes across as both a skilled practitioner and personable plastic surgeon.  Visit plasticsurgeondirectory.org for more information on plastic surgerons in your area.

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Nice furniture says a lot about you and your home.  Furniture says a lot about your individuality and creates ‘the look’ of a home.  The process of buying furniture (assuming you like shopping) is also a lot of fun, looking at lots of different pieces and imagining how they will look in your home.  Always remember when buying furniture that cash is king, if you are a serious buyer you should always be able to negotiate a better deal with a retailer be that the price you pay or a great deal on financing, be tough and hold out for the best possible deal, no salesmen wants to see a prospect walk away empty handed – remember this a stick to your guns.  If you are looking for furniture shops a new site provides listings on many furniture shops in your area, check it out and start hunting for that piece of furniture.

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While there is a certain satisfaction from doing washing and ironing, over time it wains and I think if we are all honest over time it’s something people hope they don’t have to do.  Finding a good laundry service in london has never been easier with the launch of a new website aimed at both the domestic and commercial sectors you can visit the site at www.laundryservicelondon.co.uk